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The non-biking fun we have

This trip can be an emotional rollercoaster, so after writing about some lows in my last post, I wanted to share some fun(ny) moments with everyone!

On one of my rides earlier this week with my friends Sascha and Rachel (who is now back from her elbow injury!), we only had about 50 miles, so it was a pretty short ride. Halfway through, we for some reason started talking in a British accent, and decided that we should maintain it for the entirety of our ride. Granted, none of us had particularly good or accurate British accents; I can say myself that my accent kept going back and forth between Southern and British. Anyway, to kill some time on our short ride, we decided to sit in a corn field, and had the brilliant idea of prank calling people. We called two of our fellow riders who were riding in the van that day, and proceeded to sell them "revolutionary beauty products" made from local manure. It was hilarious, and gave us some fits of laughter that seemed to relieve my muscles a little bit. We do plan to continue prank calling, SO, if any of my fellow riders are reading this right now, I expect you all to keep this a secret!

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