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Keep Tahoe Blue (and housing green!)

We just had our last build day in Stockton, CA, where we worked on roofing, countertops, and building fences for several homes in a neighborhood entirely built by Habitat for Humanity. While our Bike and Build group hasn't had a chance at any of our build sites to work on framing (which many find the most rewarding and exciting), it's really awesome to think about the vast amount of construction experience we've gotten on this trip. More intimate knowledge about each stage of construction definitely makes me more appreciative of the effort that goes into building a house. I feel pretty confident that I can carry a very well-informed conversation with my parents, who are in the midst of renovating (well, practically rebuilding) their future home!

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Little me, big world

I can’t believe it’s almost the end! We are in Sparks, Nevada right now and are coming up on the crest of our final week. I do realize that my blogging activity has slowed recently. Rather than laziness, I’d like to think that this is due to the fact that I’m really enjoying these final weeks of riding. Even though we’ve had some really challenging rides (9 straight days of riding, and over 750 miles), I’ve been in such a great mood and the time has flown by. I will warn you now, however: this blog post is going to be a long one

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Pedaling for affordable housing

As you can see on the website, Bike and Build's mission statement is twofold: to benefit affordable housing, and to empower young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement.

We've had 7 build days so far, which we mostly still consider a rest day, even if it does require some physical activity. Around 7:30 am, a wake-up time 3 hours later than on our bike days, we leisurely arise from our (often beer-induced) deep sleeps and begin on the build site around 9 am. The type of work we do on the sites varies, partially depending on what stage of construction the house is in when we arrive at the town. Thirty-one people is quite a large group of volunteers, especially when the number of project coordinators is significantly less; we often split up between 2-3 different build sites, and then break off into smaller groups at each site.

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