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100 miles and the Appalachians - come at me!

Yesterday we rode our first century- 100 miles! And it wasn't just any century; it was also our first day on the Appalachians and we climbed almost 10,000 feet, equivalent to 1/3 the height of Mt Everest! Whenever we have over 90 miles or the weather is over 90 degrees, we get two lunch breaks, so we did just that yesterday. It wasn't too bad in the beginning, even with some serious inclines. But at the end, I was definitely cranky ("WHERE THE %#?! IS THE 10 MILE DESCENT THAT THE LEADERS TOLD US ABOUT") and our group had some delirious fits of laughter over nothing. But when we rolled into Parsons, West Virginia, I knew it was worth the challenge. I'm so proud of the group and of myself, we are awesome!

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Pastures in Pennsylvania

We're in Maryland! We just arrived in Hagerstown, which is just south of the Pennsylvania/Maryland state border. Luckily, Pennsylvania's been a lot less difficult than Connecticut; there are a lot of nice rolling hills and pretty farms and pastures!

Here in Hagerstown, we will have our 2nd build day with Habitat for Humanity! I and everyone else on the trip really value these "days off" - our butts get a break from the bike, we get to sleep in an extra hour and a half (7:30 am wake up), and we don't have to repack the trailer right away! And, most importantly, we get to really participate in our mission: working towards the affordable housing cause and spreading awareness about the issues we are riding for. We even got featured in the local paper at our last build site; you can see me on the roof removing the shingles! 


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We be bikin', we be buildin'

It's been a week! We've had about 5 bike days so far! Fairly uneventful, but a LOT of pretty views, especially along the Appalachian Trail in High Point State Park.

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