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When the going gets tough...

A few people on my trip have read a few of my blog posts and told me how positive I am. I would like to think of myself as a pretty positive and optimistic person, so I never feel like I'm deliberately omitting negative aspects of my experience in my posts. I even got recognized as "Rider of the Week" (which the leaders announce every Monday) for my positivity last week! I was pretty proud of it, even though it's fairly meaningless. :) I did have a low moment that week on one of the days, when I felt defeated and exhausted, but I definitely thought the entire week was overall an awesome accomplishment. However, this past week, we biked 375 miles in 3 days: 3 straight days of about 125 miles each, and I think I had the lowest morale I've had during the entire trip.

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7 days, 500+ miles, and 2 sore legs

Today's been the hardest week so far! Not only did we ride 7 days in a row, but some of the rides were actually really challenging. I definitely hit a low point on the 5th and 6th days - my morale was low, I was exhausted physically and mentally (somehow, though I'm not really sure how), and we just had to keep going. But we finally made it to Huntington, West Virginia for a build day, and we are all very grateful for the brief respite.

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100 miles and the Appalachians - come at me!

Yesterday we rode our first century- 100 miles! And it wasn't just any century; it was also our first day on the Appalachians and we climbed almost 10,000 feet, equivalent to 1/3 the height of Mt Everest! Whenever we have over 90 miles or the weather is over 90 degrees, we get two lunch breaks, so we did just that yesterday. It wasn't too bad in the beginning, even with some serious inclines. But at the end, I was definitely cranky ("WHERE THE %#?! IS THE 10 MILE DESCENT THAT THE LEADERS TOLD US ABOUT") and our group had some delirious fits of laughter over nothing. But when we rolled into Parsons, West Virginia, I knew it was worth the challenge. I'm so proud of the group and of myself, we are awesome!

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