DIY Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Hi! Thanks for visiting my website, I’m really excited to start sharing all of my DIY projects!

I thought that this leather beaded wrap bracelet was a great first post, since it was really one of my first DIY projects ever.

As with most of my DIY endeavors, I initially decided to try to make this because I saw a similar bracelet in a boutique (for over $150!!) and thought: I could definitely make this. The best part about making one yourself is that you can personalize it. I made a lot of these as gifts and have changed the bead types and colors based on my friends’ different styles.

Things you will need:

  • Flat leather lace (~24 inches), also available at Joann’s or Michael’s.
    You can also use leather cord or even suede - a slightly different yet equally cute bracelet!
    Make sure to check that the bracelet wraps around your wrist 3 times, with plenty of extra length for knots, etc.
  • Seed beads (lots!)
  • A larger charm/pendant bead to be used as the bracelet’s clasp
  • Needle
  • Thread to match your leather
  • Clip or pin (optional)


This bracelet is actually really easy, but it does take a bit of patience at first. The beading can be slow initially, but by the time you’ve strung on 10 beads or so, you’ll probably develop a pattern so that it goes pretty quickly. There’s also a video at the bottom of these instructions to see the beading, if these instructions are a little confusing!

Getting started

  1. Thread your leather through your charm or pendant, making sure the two ends of your leather strand are even, and tie a knot.

  2. Push your threaded down through the leather knot, so that the needle is pushing away from the charm or pendant. You’ll want to do this in a spot that will hide the knot of your thread. (Now, if you hold up the charm or pendant, the two leather straps and threaded needle are hanging down.)

  3. (Optional) Clasp the end of your bracelet to a table or other anchor, which can help everything stay where it’s supposed to be when you’re beading.

Now for the beading!

  1. Using your needle, pick up a seed bead, place it in between the two strands of leather.
  2. Holding the bead in place with your other hand, pull the needle through, over the left leather strand.

  3. Still holding the bead in place, loop the thread around the left leather strand and stick the needle back through the bead, so that the needle comes from under the left leather strand.

  4. Pull the needle through, over the right leather strand.

  5. Pick up another seed bead with the needle, move the needle under the right leather strand, and place the seed bead between the two straps of leather.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you reach the end of your bracelet.

  7. When you run out of thread: Anytime you run out of thread, make sure you leave at least 2 inches of thread, and cut off the thread to free the needle. Thread the needle again, and tie the ends of the newly threaded needle to the last 2 inches of your current thread into a strong knot. You can continue adding beads, and adjust the string so that the knot ends up in one of the beads or on the side so that it's not noticeable.


Final steps

  1. On your last bead, thread the needle in the same over and under fashion on the left and right leather strands multiple times (like an infinity sign or sideways 8), securing the last bead in place. 

  2. Tie the two leather strands and the thread (still attached to needle) into a knot.

  3. Stick the needle back through the knot, thread through the last seed bead, and cut off.

  4. Tie the two leather strands into another knot, leaving about ⅓ inch of space in between the two knots, or just enough space for your charm or pendant to fit through. Be careful not to make this space too big; you don’t want the charm or pendant to be able to get back through the hole easily, since this is the clasp of your bracelet.

Now you're finished! Awesome leather-wrap bracelet complete! I hope this was a relatively straightforward tutorial - would love any feedback you might have and any pictures of your bracelets!