DIY Woven Chain Collar Necklace


Two of my favorite blogs for DIY projects are Honestly WTF and Stripes and Sequins. Both of them have such awesome and easy-to-follow DIY jewelry tutorials, and I definitely picked up a lot of ideas from their posts!

One of my favorite necklaces is one that was a joint post for both of those two blogs: a woven chain collar necklace. The directions are pretty similar on both blogs (here and here), and as with all of their posts, I followed them word for word, but made a few adjustments so that I could use some supplies I had on hand:

  • I wanted thick bright colors between the chains, like Grace from S&S had done, but I didn’t have any yarn already. So, I used colored embroidery floss, like Erica from HWTF, but used 4 strands at a time to create that pop of color.

  • I also didn’t have a rhinestone chain, but used an old necklace my mom had sitting around, and stitched it on. The rhinestones were more spread out, but it’s barely noticeable because of the floss threading.

  • To close the necklace, I used a big gold jump ring on each end to hold the two chains together, so that I could attach a jewelry clasp.

I ended up buying my curb chain from an awesome bead store in San Francisco that sells chain by the length. I would have ordered online, but I didn’t really understand the different numbers and sizes (what on earth are they measuring?), and wanted to choose my chain sizes in person.


I will say, this necklace did take a lot more patience than I had expected! You’re threading the chains together for quite a bit of time, but it’s totally worth it. (And, if you do it with friends, like I did, the time goes by quickly!) I think a necklace like this makes my "boring" outfits (jeans and a plain white shirt or a chambray shirt) a little more exciting!

photo 2.JPG