DIY Bohemian Feather Earring


I realize feather earrings are so 3 years ago and only appropriate like one day out of the year, probably when you’re attending a music festival where everyone looks like some hippie, flowergirl lovechild. That being said, I love each of my feather earrings and would wear one almost any day, even though I don’t consider myself really boho chic. I just think feather earrings are the perfect amount of bohemian/hippie style when you want it!

(And yes, I only wear one - asymmetry is so overrated, and doesn't everyone want to be just a little less predictable?) 

Things you will need:

  • Earring hook

  • Closed jump ring(s)

  • Crimp beads

  • String, embroidery floss, or other stringing material like yarn

  • Seed beads, other beads, charms, pendants

  • Feathers in a variety of sizes/types

  • E6000 glue (recommended) or other strong-holding craft glue

  • Jewelry pliers

  • Scissors

Keep in mind that the supplies and instructions will vary based on what you want your earring to look like - use your imagination! You might not even need all of the supplies above.  I just gathered a bunch of supplies and figured out how to make do with what I had! I've also made a feather earring 3 different times, and because I never did the same thing twice, they all came out so unique and fun. I'd say the earring will come out best if you don't feel pressure to make it look a certain way and just wait until the end to see how it all comes together!


  1. Attach your jump ring to the earring hook: Open the loop of your earring hook, place the jump ring on, and close the loop of the earring hook to secure the ring onto the hook.

  2. Plan to make about 4-6 strands of varying lengths to dangle from the earring. 

    1. Recommendation: Attach feathers to the ends of one short strand and one or two long strands, with pendants and charms on the ends of the other strands.

    2. Think about what beads, pendants, and feathers you want on each strand, and lay out the materials for each strand. The material of each strand (embroidery floss vs. string) can vary depending on what you want to string onto that strand, and how you want it to look.

  3. Cut enough stringing material, with a few extra inches, for each strand.

    1. Recommendation: For 4 strands, cut only two pieces of string. This way, when you tie it onto the ring, you won’t have any loose ends.

  4. Create your strands. A few tips:

    1. Adding feathers: you will need to attach the end of the feather to a bead (seed bead recommended) using glue, or use a crimp bead to secure the feather to a string.

      1. Decide where the feather will attach to the strand.

      2. String a seed bead onto your strand. Tie a knot big enough in the string below the bead, to keep the bead in the position you want it.

      3. Dip the end (a few millimeters) of the feather into glue, and stick the feather into the seed bead alongside the string. Let dry.

    2. Adding beads/pendants: Don’t overdo it. The earring will look better if you don’t put more than 5 beads or pendants on each strand. You want the earring to dangle, and it’ll be too heavy and stiff with more beads.
    3. Create a chain with multiple beads/feathers hanging off of it, like a charm bracelet but on your earring, using the same 
  5. Attach your strands to the jump ring either using a crimp bead, or by just tying the string end using a double knot.

Step 4, tip 3. Chain with multiple dangling items, like a charm bracelet

Step 4, tip 3. Chain with multiple dangling items, like a charm bracelet


Check out some pictures of the different feather earrings I've made if you need some ideas!