DIY Asymmetrical Bib Necklace


Most of the time, my DIY jewelry projects spawn off my desire to replicate some piece of jewelry I've seen in a store. However, every now and then, I'll have to think of a project that can use some item I bought on a whim - these kind of projects require a lot more creativity on my end, since I'm not basing it off of anything I've already seen!

This is one of those projects. I had spontaneously bought this sequined applique trim at a fabric store, unable to resist its sparkle, and knew I wanted to make some sort of bib necklace with it, but I wasn't sure exactly what it would look like. After a few searches, I got some ideas and decided to just start making it, and ended up with a really cute, feminine necklace!

Things you will need:

  • Beaded/sequined floral applique trim
  • Black felt square (to fit the shape of the applique trim)
  • Small jewelry chain, about ~18"
  • 2 jewelry chains (different colors if desired), about ~6" each
  • Beading thread, about ~18"
  • 2 different types of beads (enough to span ~6-8" each)
  • Jewelry clasp (to match chain) 
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 2 jump rings
  • 3 closed jump rings (to match chain)
  • E6000 glue or fabric glue
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle


Because I refer to the closed jump rings frequently in these instructions, I will reference closed jump ring by numbers: #1 as the closed jump ring attached to the top of the applique piece, #2 as the one attached to the bottom of the applique piece (where the other beaded strands/chains will start), and #3 as the one attached to the necklace chain (where the beaded strands/chains will end).

Close up of back of applique piece: beaded strands and chains attached. to sewed-on jump ring. 

Close up of back of applique piece: beaded strands and chains attached. to sewed-on jump ring. 

  1. Trim your applique piece to your desired shape, and glue it to the black felt. Cut the felt around the edges of the applique.
  2. Sew closed jump rings (#1 and #2) to each end of the felt, about 1 inch from the end of the piece.
  3. Using your pliers to open and then close one of the links on the chain, attach one end of the small jewelry chain (the long one) to each of the jump rings on the applique piece.
  4. By opening a chain link with your pliers, attach a closed jump ring (#3) to the long jewelry chain about 5.5-6 inches from the bottom jump ring (#2), and close the chain link. This is where all the strands on the necklace will join together.
  5. String on your two beaded strands (see the Multi-Stranded Beaded Statement Necklace for more instruction on using crimp beads). Repeat the following steps for both strands, beginning and ending the strands on the same jump rings for both.
    1. Looping the beading thread through the bottom closed jump ring (#2) on the applique piece, add a crimp bead and press gently with jewelry pliers to secure. 
    2. String on your beads until the strand measures ~6-8 inches.
    3. Add a crimp bead. Loop the beading thread through the closed jump ring (#3) on the end of the long jewelry chain, and back through the crimp bead, pressing with jewelry pliers to secure the strand.
  6. Add the two dangling chain pieces. Using your pliers, attach one chain piece to closed jump rings #2 and #3 by opening a link on the end, hooking the link through the jump ring, and closing the link to secure. Repeat for other chain piece.
  7. Your necklace should be almost complete, except that it's closed - it has no opening clasp.
    1. Hold the necklace up and decide how you want it to hang and where the middle of the necklace is.
    2. Open a link with the pliers at the point you've determined to be the middle of the necklace, splitting the long chain into two. 
  8. Now, using pliers to open a jump ring, hook it through one end of the chain and one side of the jewelry clasp. Close the jump rings with pliers to secure. Repeat for the second side to complete the necklace.