DIY Painted Cork Vase with Patterned Stencils


Two weekends ago, I went to Re:Make, a DIY festival hosted by Brit + Co at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and I am brimming with new project ideas and a refreshed excitement about tackling my DIY bucket list! The space was filled with hundreds of people reveling in the talents of local artisans and makers, fueling their imagination and creativity with various (free!) DIY projects, and taking advantage of the many awesome social media-worthy photo ops.

There were some really awesome shops set up. Some of my favorites: Other Machine Co set up a station where you could get a customized engraved into a small brass or copper plate for jewelry or whatnot, Lionheart Prints with adorable stationary and prints, An Astrid Endeavor with some really awesome, unique, hand embroidered necklaces, and A Heirloom with state shaped cutting boards!

As for getting my hands dirty, I didn’t even have time to attempt all the DIY projects they had! There were almost 10 different stations: embellished fabric headwraps with Forever21, colorful painted canvas tote bags with Izze (yes the drink!), build your own castles with Lego, and even card-making and watercolor painting with Hallmark.

I spent most of my time at the Lowe’s station, decorating a tin pail (new DIY project post, coming soon!) and at the Michael’s station, where I did quite a few things: decorated a miniature pot for a teeny tiny air plant, painted cork coasters, and made a stenciled cork vase--all of which were SUPER easy. Today, I wanted to share how to make the cork vase, since it's so cute and gives you a reason to get fresh flowers more often!

Things you will need:
You can find most of these at your local craft store (e.g. Michael's) or online at Hobby Lobby!

  • Glass vase (square/rectangular or cylindrical will probably work best, nothing with too many ridges or indents)
  • Self-adhesive cork liner
  • Mod podge stencils, or masking tape
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam or regular paint brushes
  • Scissors


  1. Cut the cork liner to the shape/size desired.
    Decide whether you want to cover the entire vase, or have parts of the glass showing. You can do one strip of cork in the middle, cut out different shapes, do vertical stripes, use your imagination!
  2. Decide where to place your stencils or tape. Peel clear backing off the stencil and stick onto the coaster where desired.
    My recommendation is to keep it simple. The first time I tried these, I got a little overzealous and put several different stencils on one side. It ended up looking too cluttered and not as DIY-chic, and I decided it looked better to add variation in the color, not in the pattern.
  3. Paint over the stencil/tape.
    Experiment with different colors! Paint one design of your pattern a different color than the rest, or alternate colors when painting over the stencil.
  4. Let dry, and then peel off the stencil/tape.
  5. To apply to your vase, peeling off the backing on the cork liner to expose the adhesive. Carefully place your painted cork liner onto the vase. Voila!

Yes, it was that easy! You could also do some freehand painting if you're feeling courageous enough; I think some monogram or personalized detail could turn this vase into a pretty awesome gift. I mean, Christmas is only 3 months away, right?