A DIY Layered Haircut: How to cut your hair at home!


Yeah, I'll admit this is a risky "project"! I'll also acknowledge that I'm not as particular about my hair and therefore less attentive to the quality of other people's haircuts.

But, this is my second time cutting my own hair, and I'm definitely going to have trouble going back to a salon (and its prices) after so much success with my home DIY method! The first time I cut my own hair a couple months ago, it was more out of necessity. I was heading out of town, but was in desperate need of a trim and couldn't find an appointment at a salon. The thought of an uneven trim was less scary than the (then) current state of my hair, and it actually worked out quite well!

So, this past week, when I felt like my ends needed a trim, I decided I'd try it again! It takes less than 5 minutes, and costs $0! This method will give you some tapering and layers in the front of your hair and some layers all around.

My recommendation to anyone who is too nervous/scared to try this at home: Make an appointment at a hair salon, and try this at home two days before your appointment. If you're satisfied with your DIY haircut, cancel your appointment (assuming a 24-hour cancellation policy). If you think it came out horribly, keep your appointment and wear your hair up until you get a professional trim.

Think about it: your only risk is that you'll have to go to the hair salon (which you would have done otherwise) and maybe have a slightly shorter trim than you would have otherwise.

Anyway! Instructions below! Try not to laugh too hard at how silly I look in the step-by-step pictures! :)

Things you will need:
- Hair scissors
- Hair brush or comb
- 2 ponytail elastics
- (Optional) Mirror!


  1. Brush your hair out so there are no tangles. Bending over, brush your hair over your head, upside down.
  2. Gather your hair in a ponytail at the center of the top of your forehead.
    Comb your hair from the base of your neck to the ponytail as straight and directly as possible.
    The majority of your hair should over the center of your head (not around the sides) into the ponytail. 
    For the hair that comes in from the sides, just make sure to comb these into the ponytail as smoothly and evenly as possible!
  3. Once smooth and even, secure your ponytail with the elastic.
  4. Brush through your ponytail to make sure the hair falls evenly, and wrap the other elastic around the ponytail. Pull it down to the ends of your ponytail where you will cut your hair.
  5. Cut your hair below the elastic. It'll be hard to cut through your hair all at once, so take your time and try to make the cut as even as possible.
  6. (Optional) Repeat steps 5 and 6 to make sure you got an even cut!
  7.  Take out your ponytail elastics and let your hair down! See what you think!
  8. (Optional) For any layers that are too bluntly cut: hold a small section perpendicularly in between your fingers or with a small comb. Making sure the tip of your scissors doesn't overlap than an inch or two with the end of your hair  (to avoid dramatic cuts), cut vertically (parallel to the hairs) with your scissors to soften the layers.
    Just keep snipping vertically, moving across the section of hair. It sometimes might feel like you're not even cutting anything. Cutting vertically like this will make sure not all of the hairs are exactly the same length, but will have an overall uniform length.
    This helped smooth a section of layers that came out too choppy on my right side, which you can kind of see in the first picture below.

I took some pictures of the before and after. Since my hair is dark and it's harder to see the different dimensions, I also curled the ends to better show the long layers in front that I didn't have before. I'll try uploading a picture of it straight when I get a chance to blow it out!

BeFORE: BEing a goober, as per usual                                                     AFTER: very satisfied with my results

BeFORE: BEing a goober, as per usual                                                     AFTER: very satisfied with my results


What do you think? Would you ever try this?