DIY No-Sew Short Sleeve Sweatshirt


Hello!! It's been so long since I've done a DIY - my real job has been getting a bit busier, especially now that I'm pretty settled in (3 months, wow!), and I had some big Etsy orders in March. My DIY to-do list has continued to grow, but my time to actually make stuff, unfortunately, has not!

Anyway, I'm super excited about this post, for a few reasons. First,this short-sleeve sweater is inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sincerely Jules, whose simple, laidback California style has really appealed to me lately. I've been drooling over her shop, which has this ADORABLE short-sleeved sweatshirt.  As with most of my DIYs, I couldn't bring myself to buy it, so of course I made it! 

Second reason I love this DIY project is because it's unbelievably easy, almost so much that I wondered whether it's a substantial enough project to post! It's really just cutting and gluing -- doesn't require any sewing, so it's a DIY-for-all kind of project.

Lastly, this sweatshirt is absolutely PERFECT for an SF resident like me. With our notoriously foggy summers and morning chill, I can't imagine another piece of clothing I'd rather be in when I go out to the farmer's market or just head to brunch. It's cozy yet lightweight, casual yet chic. I feel like this hybrid sweatshirt perfectly represents the city's weather and vibe.

ANYWAY! Onto the project!


Things you'll need:
- Sweatshirt
- Scissors (ideally fabric scissors, but any scissors work fine!)
- Fabric glue or other no-sew solution (I used Unique Stitch)
- Pen
- Sewing pins

Note on sweatshirt selection: I went to my local Goodwill and found several options of sweatshirts I could use for this project, and I bet your local thrift shop will have many as well! I highly recommend trying on the sweatshirt before buying. If you like the fit of your sweatshirt when you try it on, you'll most likely still like the fit once you've shortened the sleeves. However, I do have some recommendations for the perfect sweatshirt, if you want more guidance:
- Not too heavy/thick
- Large arm holes (where the sleeve meets the sweatshirt body, so it's not too form fitting)
- Somewhat wide neck

Now onto the instructions!


  1. First, try on your sweatshirt and take a note of where you want the sleeves to be cut. I recommend that the sleeves end just above your elbows. 
  2. Mark the length with a pen on both sleeves.
  3. Cut about an inch longer than where you marked. This will be the part you fold in for the hem.

4.  Turn your sweatshirt inside out.

5.  Fold about an inch in on each sleeve, and secure the hem with your pins.

6.  Double check that the sleeves (measuring from the armpit) are the same length.
      My sleeves were about 8 inches long, measuring from the armpit.

7.  With the hem still pinned, fold up the hem flap and apply a thin line of glue to the sweatshirt (where you would sew) and press the flap down onto the glue.
     Be sure to spread a very thin layer, especially if your sweatshirt is more lightweight, since the glue can bleed through.


8.  All you have to do is let the sweatshirt dry now, according to the glue instructions! I made my sleeves stick up like little cupholders :)


Done!! I think it's pretty darn cute, right? And when I want to look even more casual, I can just roll up the sleeves once or twice for a little cuff.


I decided a rooftop photoshoot was justified for such a cute sweatshirt, even though it was quite windy. Amirite, or amirite? 


What do you guys think? As good as the original on Shop Sincerely Jules? What are your go-to foggy summer pieces?