Anchor Charm DIY Braided Wrap Bracelet


I have another DIY wrap bracelet to add to your collection! I love this project because 1) it's easy and quick (good for us busy working girls) and 2) the finished product looks classy and chic (perfect for those of us who are sometimes lazy about fashion and need a little extra something to make an outfit go from meh to yay!). And it will go really well with some of my other wrap bracelets, like the hex nut one, or the beaded one!


Some rambled thoughts (somewhat relatedly): I have a a couple personal goals this spring, which I feel are super important, especially as my work becomes busier and it's easier to forget about who I am outside of my job. First (not surprisingly), I want to keep up (more) with my personal interests, which, among other things, includes making, making, and more making! I have a long (and growing) to-do list, and I want to make a dent in it! Second, I want to be a little more deliberate about my appearance; not to be obsessed with looks or become extremely superficial, but just to try a little harder to look my best. I often throw on something in 5 minutes and skip makeup, especially when I go to work, but a cute outfit and feeling put together definitely makes me more confident, optimistic, and ready to conquer the day! 


The people whose fashion I admire, and who look the most put together, are clearly intentional about everything they wear - from the shirt they put on, to the rings on their fingers, to the sunglasses they don. I really do think that the little things can make a huge impact on your whole look - and this wrap bracelet is no different! Anyway, like I said, this bracelet is super super easy (I know I say that about a lot of projects but it's true)! It took less than 30 minutes!

Things you will need:
- Black hemp cotton cord (about 10 ft, depending on desired length of bracelet)
- Large anchor charm (check your local bead or craft store, or order online, like from here!)
- Scissors
- Pen


1. Measure how long you want your bracelet (you can use your string and then measure the string with a ruler).
I wanted my bracelet to wrap around my wrist 4 times, which ended up being about 28 inches long (I added some inches to the length for buffer).

2. Cut 2 pieces of string that are each about 3 times longer than the desired length of your bracelet. Remember, it's always best to go too long (and cut the extra at the end) than too short (no solution!).
So, for my bracelet, I cut 2 strings about 75 inches in length each.

3. Thread both strings through the eyehole of the anchor. Make sure the anchor is in the middle and that the strings on each side are the same length.4. Now, begin braiding!


Notice that this is a 4-string braid:
A 4-string braid is very easy, just like a regular braid.  In a regular braid, you bring the outside strings over one string, into the middle of two strings.
With a 4-string braid, the only difference is that on one side (for me, the left side), you're always putting the outside string over two strings into the middle. (See bottom two pictures above.)

5. When you're nearing the end of your string (about 10 inches left), try your bracelet on to see how much braiding you have left until you reach the bottom of the anchor charm (not where you threaded the string through the eyeholes, but at the bottom curved side of the anchor).
You're going to want to braid about 1 inch longer than that point, to create the loop for the anchor.

6. When you're done braiding, try the bracelet on again and take note of where the bottom of the anchor touches your braid (about 1 inch from the end of your braid). Hold onto this point, take the bracelet off, and use your pen or pencil to poke in the braid and create a wide hole opening. You're going to stick the end of your braid through this hole to create the loop.

Anchor Bracelet_Instructions 2

7. Carefully thread the 4 ends of your bracelet through the hole.

8. Tie a knot at the end of your bracelet, on the opposite side of the loop, so that the loop is secure and won't come undone.

9. Try on your bracelet again to make sure the fit is an A+!
If it's too loose,  you should undo your knot, go back to step 6, and create a widening further up your bracelet. You can string the end of your bracelet through this new hole, so that the loop starts earlier and will be a tighter bracelet
If it's too tight, you should undo your knot, go back to step 6, and create a widening further down your bracelet. You can string the end of your bracelet through this new hole, so that the loop starts later and will be a looser bracelet). You may need to braid more so that you have enough braid for loop, since you're adding length.


All finished! What do you think? What other charms could you use for the clasp?