DIY Woodburned, Painted, or Stamped Wood Slices


I've started following a few fellow Etsy-ers on Instagram, and it's SO fun. I get lots of inspiration for new projects, and it's honestly really cool to see how AWESOME some people are at such unique things. Three of my favorite discoveries are: The Dapper Jackalope, who makes the cutest and quirkiest illustrations; Be Good Natured, who makes incredibly realistic wool felt portraits of animals (you HAVE to see this!); and Forage Workshop, who creates really cool wood slice ornaments! 

So, when brainstorming Mother's Day gifts a couple weeks ago, I was inspired by the Forage Workshop and decided to try making wood slice coasters for my mom. I didn't have any fancy supplies, so I originally just painted them. But then, they were so cute, I decided to experiment with some other methods of decorating the wood, including stamps and woodburning. Stamping is definitely the easiest in terms of effort and dexterity required, while painting and woodburning are a little bit more advanced. Read on below to see how they turned out!


Things you will need:
- Wood slices (available here or here)
- Pencil
- Clear enamel spray (I like this, which I got at my local hardware shop)
- Sandpaper (optional)
- Decorating supplies:
     - For stamping: Stamps and ink
     - For painting: Acrylic or water-based paint and paint brushes, and/or paint pens (much easier to control!)
     - For woodburning: Woodbburning pen, very fine sandpaper, and/or pliers



1. First, lightly sand your wood slice if needed. 

2. Then it's time to decorate your wood slice!

A. Stamping: Using a stamp you bought, or a stamp you made (DIY instructions here!), carefully ink your stamp and press evenly onto your wood slice. For even color, make sure your stamp is fully saturated with ink before you press it onto the surface.

Sketch your pattern onto your wood slice

Sketch your pattern onto your wood slice

B. Painting or Woodburning: 
1. Draw your pattern onto your wood slice.

  • You can use your pencil if you feel comfortable drawing freehand, OR
  • You can transfer a printed image you find on your computer (detailed instructions here): First, print an image or pattern you want onto a piece of parchment paper that you've cut to 8.5"x11". Then, carefully place the parchment paper face down onto the wood slice, and use a credit card to firmly smooth over paper. Remember, your image will be mirrored on the wood slice, so keep this in mind when printing.

2. For a painted wood slice, color in your pattern using paint pens or regular paint and brushes.

Painting_WoodSlice Coasters.jpg

3. For a woodburned slice: outline your pattern using your woodburning pen. If you're being really fancy, you can even color in your pattern with paint for some added color! 


A few tips for successful woodburning:

  • Don't apply too much pressure, which can bend hot tips.
  • Use sandpaper on a solid block to brush off any residue on the tip of your pen as you go. (You don't want touch the hot tip, so don't hold the sandpaper in your hand!).
  • If you're using different tips on your woodburning pen, use small pliers to remove any hot tips, and place them in cold water to cool.

3. For your final step for any wood slice, spray with the acrylic sealant to preserve your hard work and ensure durability. Voila!

Aren't these fun? Now that I've discovered woodburning, I'm so excited to do more! You could do coasters, ornaments (attach an eye hook and a string), magnets (glue a magnet to the back), wedding favors/table numbers, custom house/address signs, and lots more!

Also, if you want to purchase a custom woodburned wood slice from me, you can buy it from my Etsy shop here!