DIY Utensil Holder Jewelry Organizer (from Brit + Co)


A few weeks ago ago, my friend Meghan and I went to a free event hosted by Brit + Co and Close5. Brit + Co has awesome DIY tutorials, but I especially love that they sell DIY kits and host a lot of events. I've gone to their RE:Make fair, which hosts really cool local artisans and sets up tables with easy-to-follow DIY projects. This event that Meghan and I attended was equally well-organized, with food catered from Bi-Rite and prototypes for us to draw inspiration from!

This tutorial is super easy, and cheap, and might I say creative? Talk about taking on a new perspective - you can barely recognize that this jewelry organizer was once meant for utensils! 

The other DIY-ers at Meghan's and my table

The other DIY-ers at Meghan's and my table

Things you will need:
- Wooden utensil holder (like these bamboo ones)
- Acrylic paint and paint brushes or paint pens
- Hot glue gun or E6000
- Wooden spools, of different sizes
- Adhesive stencils (optional)
- Painter's tape (optional)
- Other supplies, like glitter or mosaic glass or tiles (optional)
- 2 small triangle hook and screws to hang (optional)

The whole thing costs about $16-25, depending on the utensil holder you buy, and whether you have to buy any new supplies (I had the paint and other supplies already).


  1. Decorate the utensil tray! I highly recommend having a color palette and sticking to no more than 4 colors - I think more colors tends to look less congruent. As for the decorations - some ideas:
    1. Use paint pens to draw designs: For even coverage, thick single strokes work better than multiple thin strokes.
    2. Use masking tape to create clean lines and borders: Press the painter's tape down firmly, especially in corners.  Make sure not to get too enthusiastic when painting - it's easy to accidentally stroke all the way over to the other edge of the tape!
      You can create different color blocks using the tape, thick lines (painting in between two strips of tape), or clean borders around the edge of your tray.
    3. Use stencils for clean patterns: The reusable stencils are a bit tricky, as they don't stay in place well.  Make sure to use adhesive stencils, so that they stay in exactly the same position until the paint has dried - this will ensure clean lines and a perfect pattern!
    4. Add on any other materials: You can add glitter to your paint, or glue other materials (like glass or small tiles) for additional texture and patterns.
  2. Paint your spools, if desired, and let dry.
  3. Glue your spools on for knobs and let dry
    1. Decide whether you want your organizer to lay down, stand vertically, or stand horizontally, as this can determine your knob placement. 
    2. Add a generous drop of glue to the bottom of each spool and place where desired. Make sure to leave enough room for your necklaces to hang - I placed my spools a little too low and my necklaces need to be wrapped twice to hang properly.
  4. Screw in your triangle hooks: I'll probably end up letting it stand on a shelf, but if you want to hang your organizer, you can screw in a couple triangle hooks on the back. You can should in on the bordering wood (where there is enough depth to hold a screw).

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out - my paint pens really worked well! I know it's not perfect, but I think that it adds to the look - plus, I'll have jewelry hanging all over it so I doubt anyone would notice. I'm going to have to make something else for all of my  necklaces, but this is definitely a great place to store all of my go-to jewelry!

Without Jewelry

Without Jewelry