Easy 5 Minute DIY Watercolor Greeting Card

I had a bunch of thank you notes to write to various people, and wanted to send something that was a little more personal than your average card. Sometimes I paint or draw cards that are tailored to the recipient, like a bicycle for a Bike & Build friend, but those often take much longer and sometimes result in me never sending anything at all, if it seems too daunting. In contrast, these cards are a great way to send a heartfelt note without taking up a bunch of time!

Cost of materials: ~$10, but you won't use it all!
Time: 10 minutes


Things you'll need:
- Watercolor set (even the cheapest one from a craft store is fine!)
- Paint brushes
- Cup of water
- Blank greeting cards (I got some here) or thick cardstock/watercolor paper to cut into custom size cards
- Black permanent marker
- (Optional) Stamp and ink


1. Using a generous amount of water, start with one color and add a blotch to the card.

2. Keep adding blotches to create a cloud, letting the blotches' edges bleed together. You can choose to do many colors, like I did, or just a family of colors, like only blues. Make sure to fully rinse your brush in  water before switching colors. To do different shades of the same color, use more water (for lighter shades) or less water (for darker shades).

3. Soften the outside edges of your cloud with water, cleaning your brush in the water, and then rubbing the edges your damp brush to get rid of any hard lines.

4. Let dryand then add your greeting. You can do this by hand with a permanent marker, like I did, or use a stamp and black ink! I found some really cute stamps online, such as this thank you one, and basically all of the ones on this Etsy shop. (You could also make your own stamp, following this tutorial!)

Done! How cute are these?! And so easy (and cheap) to make!