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A DIY Layered Haircut: How to cut your hair at home!

Yeah, I'll admit this is a risky "project"! I'll also acknowledge that I'm not as particular about my hair and therefore less attentive to the quality of other people's haircuts.

But, this is my second time cutting my own hair, and I'm definitely going to have trouble going back to a salon (and its prices) after so much success with my home DIY method! The first time I cut my own hair a couple months ago, it was more out of necessity. I was heading out of town, but was in desperate need of a trim and couldn't find an appointment at a salon. The thought of an uneven trim was less scary than the (then) current state of my hair, and it actually worked out quite well!

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DIY Ombre for Asian Hair

Guys, I’m about to share with you my most adventurous endeavor yet - ombre balayage hair, sans the crazy salon prices! Be prepared for a long post - but it’s all (mostly) necessary information!

I’ve actually been dying (pun intended) to do some sort of ombre hair for awhile, but I hadn’t had the guts to do it. I’m not gonna lie - the fact that Coachella and summer were coming up was definitely a serious motivation to get some summery-ness into my locks! (And, more importantly, I realized that I could always dye my hair black if I really made a mess of things.)

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