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DIY Iron On Letter (Bae Area) Sweatshirt

Lately, I've really grown fond of sweatshirts (like this DIY) and graphic tees (I've got a project in the works!) as an actual wardrobe staple - partly because they're oh-so cozy, and partly because I'm all about the casual, laidback (yet deliberate) California style. This sweatshirt might be on the too casual side of the spectrum, but I've been dying to do this project for awhile now, ever since I came across a version of sweatshirt on an Instagram post a couple months ago.

Am I the only one who finds "Bae Area" so funny?!? I feel very lucky that this (now overused) slang term can so easily be punny for us Bay Area residents. With everyone referring to East Bay and South Bay and the Bay and Bays everywhere, the word play opportunities are endless!

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DIY No-Sew Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

I'm super excited about this post, for a few reasons. First,this short-sleeve sweater is inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sincerely Jules, whose simple, laidback California style has really appealed to me lately. Second reason I love this DIY project is because it's unbelievably easy, almost so much that I wondered whether it's a substantial enough project to post! It's really just cutting and gluing -- doesn't require any sewing, so it's a DIY-for-all kind of project.

Lastly, this sweatshirt is absolutely PERFECT for an SF resident like me. With our notoriously foggy summers and morning chill, I can't imagine another piece of clothing I'd rather be in when I go out to the farmer's market or just head to brunch. It's cozy yet lightweight, casual yet chic. I feel like this hybrid sweatshirt perfectly represents the city's weather and vibe.

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Hand Knit Baby Sweater

My wonderful co-worker and friend Celie welcomed her first baby in May - little Henry! For her baby shower earlier this year, I decided to make a baby sweater and get in touch with my inner grandmother. Plus, it gets cold on the East Coast, and I wanted to give something that would be used often!

I'm by no means an expert knitter, but I did learn how to knit in high school and have done a few projects here and there that have given me enough experience to follow a pattern. (I may or may not be that odd person that knits on public transportation.) If you're interested, I found the following tutorials helpful when I began knitting: this tutorial for more on knitting, and this tutorial for stitching pieces together. For this sweater I modified a pattern I found on Lion Brand’s website here. See below for my instructions!

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Ombre Bleached DIY Cut-off Jean Shorts

Summer has always been my favorite season. When I imagine the perfect summer day, I think of sitting outside in the sun, laughing with my friends, and listening to some band’s happy music (probably with a drink in hand). And of course, I’m wearing a cute outfit - summer is when I can break out my flowy dresses, crop tops, and denim cutoffs!

So, in preparation for my summer wardrobe (a couple years ago), I decided I wanted to make my own pair of denim cutoff shorts. I had been inspired by these shorts, and the several blog posts I had seen showed me the basics and gave me enough confidence to take a stab at making them myself. I hope this post gives you the same self-assurance so you can make your own ombre cut-off shorts!

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