Copper Pipe iPad / Book Stand

I found this DIY on Pinterest and I finally got around to making it! I'm really excited about it - not only is it super functional (I've already used it to hold my iPad to display my daily ab exercises, and to hold a cookbook for dinner), but it's SO cute and totally lives into the copper and industrial trend these days!


I also have leftover pipe for another home DIY, coming soon! :)

Cost: ~$25
- Copper pipe, $7
- Copper caps/corners/Ts, ~$11
- Pipe cutter, $7
Time: 1 - 1.5 hours


Things you will need:
You can find this in the plumbing section in your home improvement store. I bought 1/2" diameter for all copper piping materials.
- Copper pipe (at least 2 feet long)
- Two copper Ts
- Four copper corners
- Four copper end caps
- Mini pipe cutter
- Sharpie
- E6000 glue


1. Cut your copper pipe into the pieces you need: one 6" long piece for the top, four 4" long pieces, and two 1" pieces. Follow the directions on your pipe cutter packaging, but mine were simple - just continue to rotate and tighten the cutter until the pipe is cut!


2. Assemble your pieces by putting some glue in the connector pieces and inserting the pipe. The 6" piece goes on the top, connected by elbows to two 4" pieces for the stand. You will connect this to the base, which, on each side, is a 1" piece in the back and 4" piece in the front connected by a T, and then an elbow, 1" piece, and caps on both ends. 
Here you can see it assembled in order:

Copper Pipe IPad Holder.gif

And yes, you're done! I ended up adjusting my legs slightly so that the bottom wasn't perfectly perpendicular, because I wanted the base to support my iPad's narrower side too. 

Isn't it perfect? I literally have used it every day since I made it - while cooking, doing my Bikini Body Guide workouts :) and even in bed watching Netflix!