Dainty Gold Beaded Layering Necklace

Lately, I've been seeing people wear the prettiest, dainty and delicate layering necklaces, and I finally decided to get on trend! While I'm still a huge fan of bold statement necklaces (which many of my DIY necklaces are), I love the light subtlety of these necklaces, especially since I'm the kind of person who tends to wear jewelry for days at a time without taking it off.

It's also been great to do a jewelry DIY - in the last year, as I've gotten settled into my new apartment, I've done mostly home/interior design projects, which are a bit more time consuming, and have resulted in my beading supplies gathering dust!

This DIY is super easy, is much cheaper than if you bought it in a store, and then you can say "thanks I made it!" when someone compliments you! 

(Alternatively, if you're not feeling so confident, you can also buy one from my Etsy shop :D)

Cost: ~$7
Time: ~20 minutes


Things you will need:
- Finished necklace chain (I bought this one) - just make sure the chain links are big enough to hook over your eyepin wire
- Eyepin of desired length (I got a 1.5" one here)
- Glass or crystal beads
- Jewelry wire cutter and round nosed pliers
- (Optional) Ruler or measuring tape


1. First, string your beads onto the eyepin, until you have about 3mm of length at the end (to create another loop.


2. Use your round nosed pliers to create a loop at the end to secure the beads. Bend the wire to one side slightly, and then, grabbing the end of the wire with the pliers, curl the end into a loop. Set this aside while you prepare the necklace!


3. Use your wire cutter to snip one of the links in the middle of your necklace chain, so that you have two equally long separate pieces. You can use a ruler or eyeball the middle of the necklace. 

4. Use your roundnosed pliers to re-open the loop on the beaded eyepin, and hook the end chain link of one of your necklace pieces onto the wire. Re-close the loop with your pliers.

Attaching Chain.png

5. Repeat step 4 for the other side, and then you're done!


Isn't it beautiful? And you can do so many variations - gold beads, crystals, pearls - oh the possibilities! :)