DIY Bike Streamers (for road bikes too!)


I think a lot of cyclists take themselves a little too seriously, so I love that the streamers on my road bike immediately give off an unexpectedly FUN and juvenile vibe. Before Bike & Build, I wanted my bike to have a bit of character and distinction, especially since all of my fellow riders had essentially the same road bike - and streamers were a great solution. Plus, when I pass all these serious old men going up hills, it’s even more satisfying to think that the glittery, extremely girly streamers are the first thing they see when I ride by.

My original streamers

On Bike & Build, I slowly started to shed my streamers, leaving sparkly little strands along our cross-country route like a modern-day Hansel & Gretel. After one long, speedy descent in Colorado, I realized that the entire left side’s set of streamers fell off, so I split the remaining set between the two sides – and then it happened again in Nevada. So, by the time we dipped our wheels in the Pacific Ocean, I had about 25% of my streamers left. And this number went down quickly, as single strands began to rip off, to the point where I had less than 8 scraggly streamers on each side.

ANYWAY. Back to the tutorial. I made a set of streamers of leftover ribbon I had lying around, and they turned out to be much sturdier and fuller than my original pair, and only took like 5 minutes to make!

Cost: ~$8, depending on what ribbon/string you use
Time: 5-10 minutes

Things you will need:
- Ribbon or string
- Scissors
- Clear nail polish (optional, to prevent fraying of ribbon ends)

For a child’s bike (not a road bike), you’ll also need:
- Two wooden golf tees
- Two eye screws
- Thumb tack or safety pin
- Tape (optional)

What you'll need for each tassel

What you'll need for each tassel



1. For each streamer, cut 5-10 pieces of ribbon that are just a bit longer than twice the length of streamers you want. So, I wanted streamers that were about 8” long – I cut about 20 pieces (10 per side) of ribbon that were about 17” long. Paint the tips of each ribbon end with clear nail polish to prevent fraying, if desired. Your ribbon will probably be fine without it, but this provides extra durability!

Follow steps 2-4 for a child’s bike – for road bike streamers, skip on to step 5.

2. Press the safety pin or thumb tack into the center of both golf tees (this acts as a teeny tiny drill!)

3. Twist the eye screws into the holes you just made

4. For a child’s bike, thread your pieces of ribbon through the loop of the eye screw. Tape the ends of the ribbon together if it makes it easier to thread the ribbon. Then, tie a knot in the middle.

DIY Bike Streamers.jpg

5. If you’re just making road bike streamers, all you need to do is tie a knot in the middle of the bunch of ribbon. Voila!



To put the streamers on:

  • For a child’s bike: Fit the golf tee into the hole of the handlebars. I've tested this on an old childhood bike and a few in my local bike shop, and it fit perfectly!
  • For a road bike: Use a small knife or screwdriver to pop off the end cap of your handle bars. Stick the knot of your streamers in the hollow handlebars, and then push the end cap snugly back in. Just make sure to check that the end cap is fully pushed in every now and then, and keep an eye on it when you’re riding really fast, as the end cap might wriggle off!

ISN’T THIS THE CUTEST?!? I am so so happy to finally have a full set of streamers on my bike! Sometimes, I think I'm not that girly, but then I remind myself of how much happiness I get from pretty shimmery things like this! :)