Gold Trim DIY Jewelry Dish Catch All


I wanted to share the tutorial for the jewelry dishes that were featured on my DIY Belt Shelf last week! I swear, this will be the last jewelry storage/organization DIY for a LONG TIME. While the Brit+Co organizer and my little jewelry closet system are great for necklaces and some bracelets, I needed something to hold all of my rings and earrings!

Super easy, super cheap (it cost me less than $3 per dish) and super quick!

Cost of materials: $7
Time: 15 minutes

Paint pen and jewelry dish

Things you'll need:
- Gold acrylic paint pen (I got mine here)
- Small porcelain dish (I found several at Goodwill for $1-$2, and I'm sure IKEA has a large selection!)
- (Optional) Clear acrylic spray enamel, for protection



  1. Clean your dish well and dry
  2. Decorate with your gold pen: outline the outer edge/rim. Add a pattern in the middle if you want, but remember it'll be mostly covered by your jewelry anyway!
  3. Spray with clear enamel, if desired. This step definitely is not necessary; the paint should stay on without it, but this will provide extra gloss and protection from the corners and edges of any jewelry that you keep in here.
DIY gold trim jewery dish - RECESS with Ashley

I ended up making two dishes - I think it looks cuter to have multiple, somewhat mismatched dishes on your shelf!

They're so cute, I kind of wish I didn't have to put anything in them!


They look really good on the DIY Belt Shelf, right?

Jewelry dishes belt shelf