DIY Gold Quartz Earring Hoops


These earrings are the part deux of my raw quartz piece jewelry tutorials! Last week, I posted a tutorial for a wire wrapped gold quartz cuff bracelet, and now you'll have the earrings to match! These, as you can probably tell, are even EASIER to make - only two steps involved!

As with the cuff bracelet, these earrings are definitely a statement, but I definitely think they're the perfect amount of glam. With thin gold hoops and colorless quartz, the actual raw stone shapes are the only attention-grabbing parts of the earrings, which I love. Plus, they only cost me ~$8 to make!

Cost of materials: $10
Time: 5 minutes


Things you will need:
- 6 drilled raw quartz pieces (at your bead store, or online here) - make sure they have holes!
- Gold earring hoops (I bought gold-plated ones locally, but you can get them here)
- Pliers (if your hoops don't have the bent ends - you can see mine didn't)


Quartz Earrings How-To.jpg
  1. String 3 quartz pieces onto an earring hoop
  2. If the end isn't bent up yet, use your pliers to bend the last 2 mm of your hoop upwards, so that it can hook into the hole on the other end and stay put
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the other earring hoop.

DONE! Crazy easy, cute, and cheap, right? I think they look pretttttty fancy!!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg