DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer


It probably comes as a surprise to NO ONE that I have lots of jewelry, especially necklaces! I don't think I buy jewelry often, but I keep pieces for a long time and probably make several pieces of jewelry every year. It always drove me nuts to keep my necklaces in a regular jewelry box, because they always got tangled and I'd spend 10 minutes every few weeks trying to separate a necklace I wanted to wear that day, tracing where each chain or string was going. One day, I thought of a solution - a closet, but for necklaces, where each necklace had its own "hanger"!

While the Brit + Co inspired jewelry holder is great, I simply just needed more! So read on below for a very functional (and quite cute, I think) jewelry organizer, perfect for those with many many necklaces like me.

Cost of materials: ~$10
Time: 30 minutes

Home Depot's build-your-own racks

Home Depot's build-your-own racks

Things you will need:
A wooden ledge or shelf you can hang (see note below)
- Wall hooks to hang your shelf
- Drawer pulls / knobs (mine are from Anthropologie and a local flea market!)
- 3-5 small 5/8" cup hooks
- 3/8" or 1/2" wooden dowel, cut to the length of your shelf
- S hooks (I bought mine here)
- Drill
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Pencil
- Wire cutter (if you need to shorten the screws of your drawer pulls / knobs)
- Paint or stain (if you want to change the color of your shelf)

Note: I found my shelf at a thrift store, but a wall ledge would look great. Home Depot sells build-your-own racks with pre-drilled holes, which would work great! You could put knobs in the pre-drilled holes, and add the necklace "closet" with the S hooks to the bottom!

Jewelry holder-instructions.jpg


  1. If desired, paint or stain your shelf following the manufacturer's instructions, and let dry.
  2. Drill holes for the knobs: Measure the length of your shelf and use a pencil to mark where to put your knobs, evenly spaced out, with at least 4-5 inches between each knob. Drill holes where the knobs will go, using a drill bit about the size of your drawer pulls' screws.
  3. Screw in the knobs. You may need to use a wire cutter to shorten your screws, if the shelf extends too much past the thickness of your shelf.
  4. Screw in the cup hooks: Again, measure the length of your shelf and use a pencil to mark where the hooks will go. You may need to drill a thin hole to instal the cup hooks, but I didn't need to.
    It is best to use 2 hooks on each end of the shelf, and then about one hook for every 5-6 inches in between, to support the weight of your necklaces.
  5. Install your dowel and add your S hooks: Install the dowel so that it rests on the eye hooks. Attach as many S hooks as you need! (I needed a lot, as you can see :D)
  6. Hang on your wall!

Don't make fun of how many necklaces I have, I know it's ridiculous! But I am SO happy now that they are finally organized - I legitimately feel less stressed out every day! And now that I can see all of them pretty well, I'm way more likely to wear them!

Side view: Necklaces