Summer DIY Shell Candles


Whenever I go to the beach, I always collect shells – it’s so hard to resist picking up that one shell that looks special and unique compared to the ones around it. I’ve ended up with handfuls of shells from many beaches, and they just sit on my windowsill gathering dust! So, when brainstorming summer DIYs, I wanted to find something to do with my existing shells and find an excuse to collect more shells. I've already used a few with deep pits as succulent holders, but I realized I could turn any shell into a candle!

So, here’s the quick little DIY – just be extra careful when heating the wax!

Cost: <$1
Time: 10 minutes


Things you will need:
- Shell
- Tea light candle
- Kitchen tongs
- Stovetop


  1. Take the wick out of the tea light candle by popping the candle out of the metal tin and pulling it from the bottom. Put the candle back when you’re done.
  2. Using tongs, hold the wick-less tea light candle over your gas stovetop or, if you have an electric stovetop, set it directly on the stove over medium heat. Wait until the wax melts completely – you can tell when it’s done if it’s clear.
  3. Holding the candle still with tongs, pour the wax gently into your shell.
  4. Quickly insert the wick into the melted wax, holding the tip of the wick and putting the metal side to the bottom of the shell.

Done! Aren’t these so cute? And you can make a ton of them so easily. I think they’d be perfect lined up on a table at backyard BBQs, weddings, or dinner parties; or just lined up along your windowsill for some soft twinkly glow. Eek! Don’t you love summer? It’s the best!

Next to my shell-turned-succulent-pot!

Next to my shell-turned-succulent-pot!