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Cape Town & New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year y'all! This is a super belated set of pictures (since I went to Cape Town in September :-P) but my rambling felt super relevant for a new-year-fresh-start feel. Hope you enjoy!

My 30-second brief for Cape Town is: It felt a lot like San Francisco, which is probably why I felt pretty compelled to live there. Surrounded by ocean and mountains for outdoors activities, lots of trendy bars and cafes, and even wine country just 45 minutes away. Also, like SF, visible inequality and remnants of a complex history. Rent a car, venture out into the townships (e.g., Langa) for a more realistic/authentic experience, and do the free walking tours from downtown!

I wrote a story on: Finding new routines, and why my 2018 motto is "fresh over familiar"

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