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A perfect ending with majestic Fitz Roy

Today was not only my last full day in El Chalten, but the last full day of my entire trip to Patagonia. Tomorrow, I begin the long travels back to the United States. I awoke early so that I could make the most of my day. I set off to wander the town and buy some snacks for my hike, and found a cute bakery and coffee shop. Most of the stores and restaurants hadn't opened yet, and similar to the 3rd day of my Torres del Paine trek, I relished the quiet and calm of the early morning.  My hike today was titled Laguna de los Tres, and promised spectacular views of Mount Fitz Roy. I decided again to hike alone and soak up the last part of my solo adventure.

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Nestled in the mountains

Yesterday was my last day in El Calafate, which I was pretty happy about, since I felt like I had seen everything there was to see in the small town. I caught a 7:30 am bus from the terminal to El Chalten, known as the national capital of trekking. (I'm beginning to think that every town in Patagonia is known as "a paradise for hikers" of some sort.)

The bus ride was absolutely beautiful, and I kicked myself in the foot for not arriving earlier to the bus terminal to snag a better seat with a full window view. The road in front of us, winding straight into the mountains ahead, was a perfectly teasing preview of the scenery awaiting us in El Chalten..

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A quick day trip to Perito Moreno Glacier

I woke up early to book a tour to the Perito Merino Glacier, which is pretty much El Calafate's sole attraction. Located only about 50 miles from the small town, the Perito Moreno Glacier, part of Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park, is one of the few glaciers in Patagonia that, despite global warming, is actually growing.

I initally wanted to book an ice trek, where you can actually go on the glacier with crampons, but the tour was full, since they only have one per day. I was a disappointed initially, but decided that I was probably too tired to have enjoyed it. I also did a glacier trek on the Franz Josef Glacier when I studied abroad in New Zealand, so I told myself I wasn't missing anything.

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Entering Patagonia through El Calafate

As expected, I won't be able to blog about my journey every day, but I've been jotting my thoughts and experiences down in my journal to share later. Having left the urban metropolis of Buenos Aires, I now find myself with spotty Internet and phone connections, but luckily the surrounding landscape over here makes up for it! 

On the second day of my trip (Dec 7), I flew into El Calafate, which is in the Patagonia region. I didn't expect much of the airport, but the cleanliness, modernity, and spectacular view of Lago Argentina on landing was an awesome welcome into the town.

For some reason, I imagined El Calafate to be a small town, with maybe 10 blocks of buildings; yes, a silly and unfounded idea. While the downtown was maybe that size, the extended area was quite large, with locals' homes spread across a patch on the foothills of the surrounding mountains.

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Buenos Aires in 6 hours

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere! After more than 20 hours of traveling, including a 2 hour flight delay, I have finally made it to Argentina. I arrived this morning at 1:30 pm feeling  ready to see as much of the city as I could before sunset. Luckily, the seat next to me from Houston to Buenos Aires was empty, so I actually slept a decent amount (sprawled across the row) on the 10 hour flight.  The Ezeiza International Airport here in Buenos Aires is new and modern, customs was a breeze, and the transfer to the Manuel Tienda Leon shuttle bus was easy.  The ride to my hostel was pretty hilarious; my lack of Spanish skills coupled with my driver´s lack of English skills fostered an awkward yet entertaining attempt at conversation. We exchanged a lot of hesitant nods and laughter. 

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Being impulsive!!!

I have very exciting news! I'm departing TODAY for a two week trip to Patagonia! Since returning from Bike & Build, I've spent most of my time applying to jobs, working part-time, and doing some craft projects here and there, so my unemployment period hasn't felt as adventurous and relaxing as I had hoped. After accepting a job that doesn't start until January, I decided I should really take advantage of the time, which to me, obviously meant traveling!

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