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Seeing Kauai in 5 days: The Napali Coast, Queen's Bath, and more!

I can't believe it's already been over three weeks since our girls trip to Kauai!! It feels way longer ago - I'm already ready for another vacation! :-P What I have the most gratitude for was how little I personally had to plan for the perfect trip. The other girls on the trip basically did all the planning and booking, so all I had to do was say yes to everything, which made it such an effortless vacation. THANK YOU LADIES! While I was only there for five days, I feel like we experienced many of the places that give Kauai its nickname ("The Garden Isle") - keep reading for our favorite spots!

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Sitges, its beaches, and the Corpus Christi Flower Festival

I feel a little guilty saying that my favorite place on our trip was actually not even in Barcelona, but the neighboring beach town, Sitges. (Sitges and its beaches - it rhymes!) My mom and I loved it so much, we made our way to Sitges twice. I haven’t actually been to Greece, but the relaxed pace, olive oil everything, and style of buildings were reminiscent of what I imagine Greece to be like – I guess it’s the Mediterranean coastal life! I just loved the simple, colorful buildings, and the maze of narrow, pedestrian-only cobblestone streets.

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Limekiln State Park on the Big Sur Coast

A couple weekends ago, I found my new favorite campsite! I hadn't driven down to Big Sur in awhile, so I obviously couldn't turn down an invitation from my friends for a quick weekend trip! Just one night camping might not seem worth it for a three and a half hour drive each way, but the drive itself is honestly a huge part of the experience. I've driven (and biked) along Highway 1 so many times, but it never gets old - I am always surprised at how awe-struck and grateful I am each time to live in such a beautiful part of the world! 

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A week in Oregon: the Coast and Sand Dunes

Driving to the coast was bittersweet; I was excited to go to the beach and say hi to the Pacific again, but I also knew it meant that my trip was coming to a close. Even though we drove almost 4 hours on each of my last two days, I enjoyed every single minute of it! Since we had been with friends or at Airbnbs for most of the trip, the three of us hadn't gotten many chances to enjoy each others' company alone, so I really cherished our last two nights. Something about camping makes everything more personal and meaningful; we spent hours chatting by our proud fire, indulging in the kind of deep conversations that you can only have with your best friends.

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Coastal Hike to Alamere Falls in Point Reyes

Two weeks ago, I went on an impromptu hike to Alamere Falls, one of the Bay Area's most revered hikes. I had a couple friends going, and I have to thank them for getting me out of my apartment when I would have had a very lazy weekend otherwise! Of course, I hadn't been to Alamere Falls before (I'm an awful California native!), but better late than never, right?

Located about an hour (and some) north of San Francisco, the Palomarin trailhead to Alamere Falls offers a really reasonable day hike - about 8 miles round trip (4 miles each way). It's the quintessential Bay Area hike - a coastal trail with sweeping views of the Pacific, passes through rocky and yellowed grassy hills, and beach access! :)

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Point Reyes: Backpacking in January

I'm just going to begin by saying LOL WINTER STORM JUNO, and by pointing out the stark contrast between California winters and East Coast winters. I just went camping in the middle of January (#typicalCAwinter), while my friends in NYC are getting cozy in their apartments and maybe mustering up enough courage to brave the cold for a brief snowball fight. I know some people really love their seasons, but boy, I'm shivering just thinking about the cold!

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