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My travel tips for one week in Cuba

Ever since Emily and I went to Cuba, I've gotten so many questions about getting visas, planning trips, and recommendations of where to go - so I thought it might be helpful to share all my tips publicly! I know I said it before, but traveling to Cuba was an absolute breeze. The process is more intimidating than it is actually cumbersome, and I'd say this was one of my less complicated trips because it was easy and almost preferable to wing everything instead of make detailed itineraries in advance. 

So keep on reading for tips on visa, money, lodging, transport, internet, and places to go!

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7 days in Cuba: Taking on Trinidad

After 3 days of exploring (i.e., eating everything in) Havana, Emily and I hopped into a old bright green sedan (with patent leather seats) and headed four hours east to Trinidad, a touristy, quaint little town built on prosperous sugar and slave trade in the 19th century. Every step was like walking into a postcard - the cobblestone streets, brightly colored buildings, classic cars, and mountainous backdrop were quite the photogenic subject. It's no wonder that the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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