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A week in Oregon: Crater Lake

We looked for a campsite near Crater Lake the night before we would be there, but given the peak season and the fact that it was Saturday, we had no success. So, we again turned to the wonderful Airbnb, where we found this jaw-dropping log mountain home in a small town called Prospect, about 40 minutes from Crater Lake. We arrived at the lodge in the evening, and were absolutely stunned upon arrival.

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A week in Oregon: Columbia River Gorge

On our way down to Bend, we decided to stop by the Columbia River Gorge, which was pretty much recommended by everyone and their moms. The gorge, which we saw in almost its entirety at a viewpoint at the Vista House, is breathtaking, as are the waterfalls that line the surrounding area. Naturally, it's become a very popular destination!

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A week in Oregon: Portland in 24 hours

This is quite belated (by almost a month), but I wanted to share experiences from my wonderful trip in Portland! In early July, I took an eight day vacation to Oregon with some of my best friends from college, Yena and Liza. Vacations are a great way to reunite with friends who are all in different places. In fact, the last time I saw Liza was two years ago in Kenya, on the first vacation the three of us took together!

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