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Dainty Gold Beaded Layering Necklace

Lately, I've been seeing people wear the prettiest, dainty and delicate layering necklaces, and I finally decided to get on trend! While I'm still a huge fan of bold statement necklaces (which many of my DIY necklaces are), I love the light subtlety of these necklaces, especially since I'm the kind of person who tends to wear jewelry for days at a time without taking it off.

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DIY Asymmetrical Bib Necklace

Most of the time, my DIY jewelry projects spawn off my desire to replicate some piece of jewelry I've seen in a store. However, every now and then, I'll have to think of a project that can use some item I bought on a whim - these kind of projects require a lot more creativity on my end, since I'm not basing it off of anything I've already seen!

This is one of those projects. I had spontaneously bought this sequined applique trim at a fabric store, unable to resist its sparkle, and knew I wanted to make some sort of bib necklace with it, but I wasn't sure exactly what it would look like. After a few searches, I got some ideas and decided to just start making it, and ended up with a really cute, feminine necklace!

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