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DIY Hex Nut Braided Wrap Bracelet

I've mentioned before (in my Woven Chain Collar Necklace post) that one of my favorite DIY blogs and inspirations is Honestly WTF. There are some seriously awesome jewelry and accessories posts on that site. This tutorial is basically a re-post from her website - who wouldn't want to share such an awesome project? I love using hardware for purposes other than its intended one, like for a mini magnet succulent planter, or a necklace. It definitely gives me some satisfaction going to Home Depot as a solo female, confidently browsing aisles for some cool items, and leaving with a full bag of purchases!

See below for my own pictures and instructions for a hex nut bracelet, just like Honestly WTF's!

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DIY Bohemian Feather Earring

I realize feather earrings are so 3 years ago and only appropriate like one day out of the year, probably when you’re attending a music festival where everyone looks like some hippie, flowergirl lovechild. That being said, I love each of my feather earrings and would wear one almost any day, even though I don’t consider myself really boho chic. I just think feather earrings are the perfect amount of bohemian/hippie style when you want it!

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