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Grow your own mushrooms at home!

So this doesn't really count as a DIY project, since it was pretty much all set up for me, but I figured it was DIY enough!

I've recently had an itch to go mushroom hunting, I'm not sure why. My friends and family think it's a little too kooky and even more risky, since a lot of mushrooms that resemble our familiar edible varieties are actually different poisonous fungi and can produce hallucinogenic effects. I see their point, but I'm still convinced that a guided day trip, under the protection and knowledge of an expert, would be perfectly safe. 

Well, I haven't found a good mushroom hunting trip yet, BUT, the other week, I was browsing Groupon (one of my many pastimes) and found a coupon for a mushroom farm! You might be thinking, as I was when I first read about it, What on earth is a mushroom farm?

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