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Anchor Charm DIY Braided Wrap Bracelet

I have another DIY wrap bracelet to add to your collection! I love this project because 1) it's easy and quick (good for us busy working girls) and 2) the finished product looks classy and chic (perfect for those of us who are sometimes lazy about fashion and need a little extra something to make an outfit go from meh to yay!). And it will go really well with some of my other wrap bracelets, like the hex nut one, or the beaded one!

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Easy DIY Eraser Stamps

My friend Liz sent me the most wonderful surprise package earlier this year -  a homemade stamp. It was such a thoughtful gift and totally up my alley, and Liz, being the most artsy person I know, made something so ordinary feel so special.

Of course, I was thinking - how can I make more of these? While Liz carved the stamp from a linoleum block with a special linoleum cutter (both of which you can purchase at an art store or online here for fairly cheaply), I decided to take a much less committed, less professional approach. The linoleum of the stamp Liz made me felt just like an eraser, and as soon as I made the connection, I knew an eraser would be a good beginner's material. As for my weapon of choice? I decided to test my dexterity with a Swiss Army knife.

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Succulents, A Reprise: Wooden, Magnetic, and Miniature Succulent Planters!

If you haven't already noticed, I am obsessed with succulents. 

I've seen a lot of cool succulent planters online (especially on Pinterest), and over the past few weeks, I think I've been subconsciously looking for things to turn into succulent planters. You can literally make a trendy, quaint succulent-anything with practically ANYTHING. It's so easy, it's almost silly for me to even write a post, but I really wanted to share pictures of my wee little succulents! 

Keep on reading for tips on potting succulents and instruction sets for 4 different planter ideas!

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Upcycled Cork Coasters

Apparently, I've got a thing for corks these days. However, I've actually been meaning to do this project for awhile now! My family drinks a lot of wine (ahem, Mom and Dad) and we used to recycle our corks at the San Francisco Ferry Building. When they stopped accepting corks (much to our dismay), I became determined to come up with a way to reuse the corks. 

These are super easy, and you can make them as simple or as decorated as you'd like. They look great either way!

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DIY Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website, I’m really excited to start sharing all of my DIY projects!

I thought that this leather beaded wrap bracelet was a great first post, since it was really one of my first DIY projects ever.

As with most of my DIY endeavors, I initially decided to try to make this because I saw a similar bracelet in a boutique (for over $150!!) and thought: I could definitely make this. The best part about making one yourself is that you can personalize it. I made a lot of these as gifts and have changed the bead types and colors based on my friends’ different styles.

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