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Iceland, the Laugavegur Trek, and hitchhiking for the first time

My 30-second brief for Iceland is: It's amazing. You probably need 3+ weeks to see all of its amazing-ness. I didn't see any of the major Ring Road attractions in my 10 days. You should do the Laugavegur Trek if you can squeeze it in. Food is expensive, but skyr is worth every krona. Bring a rain jacket. Maybe learn how to drive manual transmission. Or hitchhike if you're feeling brave. 

I wrote a story on: My first experience hitchhiking - and why I'm proud of it

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Camping and climbing in Joshua Tree

Third National Park of 2016 - check! (Although I was absent-minded and totally forgot to bring my annual National Park pass. Fail!) My best friend Yena had a dental research conference in LA, so I decided to fly down and meet her so we could go to Joshua Tree! And even better, my friend Emily and friend/colleague Chloe came along too.

Only a 1 hour flight and 3 hour drive away, it was a fairly easy long weekend getaway. Honestly, it was SO refreshing to completely unplug for a weekend -- with no service, we were forced to be present, without social media, work emails, and text messages to distract us from enjoying the moment. And with so much to do--hiking, climbing, and camping--it would have been a shame to be on our phones anyway!

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A week in Oregon: Bend, Sparks Lake, and Smith Rock

Ryan (Liza's friend from medical school) and his family were so welcoming and generous to us, who were complete strangers, from giving us beds and putting out snacks to playing private tour guide. We spent 4 days with local Oregonians - Ryan, Kyle, friends, and family - and I am sure our experience would not have been as rich, unique, and exciting if we hadn't been blessed with their enthusiasm to show us the best of Central Oregon.

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Coastal Hike to Alamere Falls in Point Reyes

Two weeks ago, I went on an impromptu hike to Alamere Falls, one of the Bay Area's most revered hikes. I had a couple friends going, and I have to thank them for getting me out of my apartment when I would have had a very lazy weekend otherwise! Of course, I hadn't been to Alamere Falls before (I'm an awful California native!), but better late than never, right?

Located about an hour (and some) north of San Francisco, the Palomarin trailhead to Alamere Falls offers a really reasonable day hike - about 8 miles round trip (4 miles each way). It's the quintessential Bay Area hike - a coastal trail with sweeping views of the Pacific, passes through rocky and yellowed grassy hills, and beach access! :)

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Point Reyes: Backpacking in January

I'm just going to begin by saying LOL WINTER STORM JUNO, and by pointing out the stark contrast between California winters and East Coast winters. I just went camping in the middle of January (#typicalCAwinter), while my friends in NYC are getting cozy in their apartments and maybe mustering up enough courage to brave the cold for a brief snowball fight. I know some people really love their seasons, but boy, I'm shivering just thinking about the cold!

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Beaching in Big Sur

For the long MLK weekend, I went on an impromptu trip to Big Sur! We had been discussing the possibility of this trip for a few days now, but I didn’t really expect it to happen since we hadn’t planned anything by the time Friday rolled around. But, of course, there's an app for that! We found a room for two on the last minute booking app, HotelTonight, on Saturday morning, so my secret hopes for a lazy weekend were squashed.

I had been to Big Sur once before, but this quick trip was much different than my previous experiences. Instead of camping and doing a lot of hikes in the redwoods, this time we were staying in a hotel an hour north in Monterey, and spent most of our time on the lovely beaches on the coast.

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