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DIY Copper and Wood Paper Towel Holder

I got so inspired by a paper towel holder I saw in World Market a couple weeks ago, and realized I already had ALL the supplies I needed to make it! I had all this leftover copper pipe from the book/iPad stand I made, and I was obviously really excited to get more use out of my pipe cutter (yes, it's a thing and yes I already have one). Plus, I was excited to upgrade from the dingy paper towel holder I bought from Goodwill three years ago!

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Rustic Modern DIY Pipe Towel Bar

I moved into a new apartment about a month or so ago, and I've had a lot of fun decorating and furnishing my home. It's a little bit difficult and slow, since I've prioritized a few goals in the process: minimize consumption (i.e., buy used), try to make things, and be frugal. This means that many of the projects on my DIY to-do list are home-related, and I'm very excited to share my first - a towel rack made from pipes! Inspired by several Pinterest posts and Etsy shops, this towel rack is perfect for a modern, industrial, and/or rustic look, and has much more character than your standard chrome bar from Bed Bath & Beyond.

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