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Easy Handmade DIY Wire Rings

I am all over gold wire jewelry these days. I love how delicate they look, and they are great for layering - necklaces on necklaces, bracelets on bracelets, rings on rings! Most of the pieces I've seen are actually pretty easy to make, it just takes a bit of practice and patience. Which is why I feel pretty silly selling gold wire necklaces and bracelets on my Etsy store, but I figure there are some people out there who don't feel like making it themselves!

Anyway, while I've had a lot of practice doing cursive in wire, there's a whole world of projects using gold wire I haven't even attempted. On Pinterest and Google, I saw many gold wire rings I wanted to replicate, particularly the rings in this pin and this Etsy page. And so was born this post. Read on below to see two tutorials for two different wire rings!

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