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Easy DIY Eraser Stamps

My friend Liz sent me the most wonderful surprise package earlier this year -  a homemade stamp. It was such a thoughtful gift and totally up my alley, and Liz, being the most artsy person I know, made something so ordinary feel so special.

Of course, I was thinking - how can I make more of these? While Liz carved the stamp from a linoleum block with a special linoleum cutter (both of which you can purchase at an art store or online here for fairly cheaply), I decided to take a much less committed, less professional approach. The linoleum of the stamp Liz made me felt just like an eraser, and as soon as I made the connection, I knew an eraser would be a good beginner's material. As for my weapon of choice? I decided to test my dexterity with a Swiss Army knife.

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DIY Painted Cork Vase with Patterned Stencils

Two weekends ago, I went to Re:Make, a DIY festival hosted by Brit + Co at Fort Mason in San Francisco, and I am brimming with new project ideas and a refreshed excitement about tackling my DIY bucket list! The space was filled with hundreds of people reveling in the talents of local artisans and makers, fueling their imagination and creativity with various (free!) DIY projects, and taking advantage of the many awesome social media-worthy photo ops.

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DIY Upcycled Painted Dresser with Moroccan Quatrefoil Top

Living in San Francisco, you see a lot of free stuff on the street. Clothes, books, couches, bookshelves, rugs - I know people who have furnished their entire apartment with street finds! I always dreamed of taking something off the street and giving it a makeover, but just felt like most furniture projects were too daunting.

But one day, I saw this dresser about two blocks down from my apartment, and I knew I had to do something with it. I could only carry the dresser for ~20 feet at a time by myself, and I had to cross a major intersection to get home. So, I decided to wait by the dresser for 40 minutes (as people shot me curious glances) until my roommate got home to help me. Yup. Once I had the idea fixated in my head, there was no way I was about to walk away.

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