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DIY Hanging Belt Shelf with Reclaimed Wood

I am so so so excited to share this project; I haven't been this proud of one of my DIYs in a very long time! This wall shelf, made from recycled wood and excellent thrifted leather belts, came out even better than I had expected. Not only does it fit perfectly in narrow wall space I placed it, but it also fits perfectly with the look I'm trying to create in my apartment: a perfect balance of DIY, modern industrial, rustic, and slightly feminine. Can you tell I'm having trouble identifying my interior design "style"? :)

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DIY No-Sew Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

I'm super excited about this post, for a few reasons. First,this short-sleeve sweater is inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sincerely Jules, whose simple, laidback California style has really appealed to me lately. Second reason I love this DIY project is because it's unbelievably easy, almost so much that I wondered whether it's a substantial enough project to post! It's really just cutting and gluing -- doesn't require any sewing, so it's a DIY-for-all kind of project.

Lastly, this sweatshirt is absolutely PERFECT for an SF resident like me. With our notoriously foggy summers and morning chill, I can't imagine another piece of clothing I'd rather be in when I go out to the farmer's market or just head to brunch. It's cozy yet lightweight, casual yet chic. I feel like this hybrid sweatshirt perfectly represents the city's weather and vibe.

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Succulents, A Reprise: Wooden, Magnetic, and Miniature Succulent Planters!

If you haven't already noticed, I am obsessed with succulents. 

I've seen a lot of cool succulent planters online (especially on Pinterest), and over the past few weeks, I think I've been subconsciously looking for things to turn into succulent planters. You can literally make a trendy, quaint succulent-anything with practically ANYTHING. It's so easy, it's almost silly for me to even write a post, but I really wanted to share pictures of my wee little succulents! 

Keep on reading for tips on potting succulents and instruction sets for 4 different planter ideas!

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J.Crew Inspired No-Sew Pullover Shirttail Sweater

I came back from my Bike and Build trip with an insatiable desire to shop, after being deprived of an excuse to buy any new clothes for 6 months. However, this itch was unfortunately coupled with my unemployment-induced guilt of spending any money at all. So, when I saw this sweater at J.Crew -- drooling over the two-for-one awesomeness but agonizing over the price tag -- I knew I had to make one.

I mean, it's a pretty simple piece - sweater and cotton/linen shirt. And, from previous thrift shopping experience, I knew these would be easy finds at my local Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

The best thing about this DIY sweater, other than being an awesome addition to your fall wardrobe, is that you don't need to sew a single stitch. That's right, no needle or thread!

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DIY Repainted Wooden Chair

A few weeks before I found my not-yet-upcycled dresser on the street, my roommates and I found this cute wooden chair. It didn’t look so cute at the time - the old, yellow paint was chipping, it was covered in spider webs, and it was just grimy; but I couldn’t resist the details - the turned leg, the carved back, the curved edges. (Yes, this chair motivated me to research furniture styles and led me to this website, where I learned about leg turning.)

After learning some techniques and becoming more familiar with the whole sanding/priming/painting process with my dresser, I felt ready to upcycle a new piece of furniture for our living room!

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DIY Upcycled Painted Dresser with Moroccan Quatrefoil Top

Living in San Francisco, you see a lot of free stuff on the street. Clothes, books, couches, bookshelves, rugs - I know people who have furnished their entire apartment with street finds! I always dreamed of taking something off the street and giving it a makeover, but just felt like most furniture projects were too daunting.

But one day, I saw this dresser about two blocks down from my apartment, and I knew I had to do something with it. I could only carry the dresser for ~20 feet at a time by myself, and I had to cross a major intersection to get home. So, I decided to wait by the dresser for 40 minutes (as people shot me curious glances) until my roommate got home to help me. Yup. Once I had the idea fixated in my head, there was no way I was about to walk away.

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