DIY Wire Wrapped Gold Quartz Cuff


I have two fun jewelry DIYs for you, made from raw quartz pieces! Inspired by a few pieces of jewelry I had seen on Instagram (particularly from Anarchy Street), I decided to make a quartz cuff and quartz earrings! Both projects are pretty easy, and leave you with some pretty awesome, unique, and bold jewelry, for a pretty low cost - only ~$6 to make! I love love love how the bracelet turned out, and can't wait to wear it - it's a edgy, but feminine, and really different from any other jewelry I've seen people wearing. I think this bracelet is a pretty good day-to-evening piece; it spruces up a more casual work outfit, while still glam enough for more fancy attire. I think bracelets like these could be the start of a new trend - the statement bracelet! :) 

Paired with another thin gold cuff

Paired with another thin gold cuff

looks great with all neutrals!

looks great with all neutrals!

This project does have a bit more required supplies than most, but it's still an easy project! I was a little worried that it would be hard to locate the quartz pieces I wanted, but was successful during recent visits my local bead store and Treasure Island Flea Market - about $1 per stone. I did have to search a bit for the cuff I wanted - I got mine at Forever 21, which I think will probably have a good selection of cuffs at any time. I would also check your local bead store or online to find a plain cuff to use. You also don't need to necessarily match your wire and cuff -I saw a picture of a similar bracelet that used mixed metal tones - gold wire and a silver cuff - which actually worked really well! 

Cost of materials: $6
Time: 15 minutes + drying time


Things you will need:
- 3 raw quartz pieces (check your local bead store, or online here)
- Cuff (I got mine from Forever 21 - my specific cuff isn't available, but this or any other would work well!)
- ~16-20 inch piece of artistic wire (I used Artistic Wire)
- E6000 glue
- Jewelry pliers (optional)
- Scissors (optional)

Excuse my chipped nails! :)

Quartz Bracelet How-to.jpg
  1. Dab three fairly generous drops of glue onto your bracelet.
  2. Press your quartz pieces onto the drops.
  3. Let dry - it'll probably be most stable drying upside down. Mine took a good couple of hours for the quartz pieces to be solidly attached to the bracelet.
  4. Wrap your wire around the quartz pieces and cuff. A few tips:
    1. You can use jewelry pliers to help pull the wire tight
    2. However, don't pull too tight, in case your stones aren't 100% attached and may move with too much tension
    3. Make sure your wrapping goes around the bracelet several times to ensure the quartz pieces stay extra secure, even if the glue wears down
    4. For looks - Vary your wrapping between going diagonally across the stone, horizontally across the stone (on the tops and bottoms), or vertically across the cuff
  5. Use your hand or plier to pull the last ends of the wire tight and tuck them into a corner where they won't poke you or get caught. Use scissors to cut off any extra wire, if needed.

Isn't it SOOOO cute?!? I'm so happy with it - I can already tell it'll be one of my go-to jewelry pieces!