Peanut butter and honey

As I write this, I am celebrating my birthday by eating peanut butter and honey out of the jar. It's been uneventful, just like any other day (except for a nice homemade taco dinner). But with the time difference between here and back home in California, my birthday will be 43 hours long! Not much has happened since my last post. Though, I have found the best gelato place (peanut butter and honey ice cream--I definitely have an addiction!), cheapest produce market, and most hipster secondhand shop that sold these retro (you could say "ugly chic") sweaters. Kind of like those tacky Christmas sweaters, but fashionable. Seems like an oxymoron, right?

On Friday, I went on a bike ride with students from my Arcadia program. We biked along the water to Mission Bay, where we stopped for some good ol' "chups" (the latter half of "fush and chups"). Sounds nice, but it started to pour, so my lazy bum took the bus back and stayed indoors all day while it rained!

My only other eventful day was yesterday, when a few friends and I walked up Mt. Eden, the highest non-manmade point in Auckland where you can see the city below and surrounding bays. After, we went to a sports bar to watch the All Blacks v. South Africa rugby game, where I learned the basics of both rugby and beer. (And for the record, I swear half the women there were only watching for the burly men in short shorts.)

Tomorrow I start classes--I'm a bit nervous about finding my classes and adjusting to a different academic environment. (A bit off topic, but I actually Googled one of my economics professors, and he owns a winery on an island off the coast!) But I'm excited to start a routine schedule and meet more people.

That's all for now. Some pictures from Mt. Eden below!

Love, Ashley

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