Kayaking fail.

This week was not as exciting as the previous, but at least that means a shorter blog post! Classes have been pretty nondescript--I can only say that I am somewhat more knowledgeable about annuities, and that I am quite familiar with the Pacific Islands mat weaving process. However, I have something planned for the next 5 weekends (2 of which are our mid-semester break)! So, I didn't go anywhere this weekend in hopes of completing some assignments early so that I don't have to worry about schoolwork while I'm gone. I haven't really done anything though. Oh well. On Tuesday, I went to my first AUCC (Auckland Uni Canoe Club) meeting/lesson. We went to a heated pool, but I was still freezing due to my lack of wetsuit and polypro gear. The objective: learn how to kayak, particularly how to roll (click for video). I did not succeed, despite the tremendous help given to me by the very patient, friendly AUCC instructors. I was actually the only person who "barreled over." (In the video, before 0:50, see how the guy is underwater, tries to roll up but then rolls underwater again? That was me.) It was much harder than I imagined! I guess that just means I have to go back for another lesson. After the session, we headed to a pub (AUCC tradition) for a beer. It's like everywhere I go there is some drinking involved. What is with this country?!?

Yesterday (Saturday), a few friends and I went to the farmer's market (not quite as lively as the ones at home but I did manage to bargain down the price on some hummus!) and then to the Auckland Domain, about a 10 minute walk from my residence. The Auckland Domain, pretty much a gigantic park, is also home to the Auckland War Memorial Museum (did not go to that, haha) and the Auckland Botanical Gardens. Our visit there was very laidback--we just ate lunch, played some frisbee, and jammed out to some live tunes (two friends bought guitars at a local music shop and were trying their skills on the new instruments).

Yesterday night was the NZ v. Australia rugby game (All Blacks victory, 49-28) but I didn't end up going. I did make some good homemade granola bars though!

That's all for this week, I don't even have pictures! Next week (and post) will be much more interesting--a trip to the Waitomo caves (with glow worms!) and Raglan surfing beach.

Hope all is well,


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