A taste of NY

I didn't do much this week, as I have been studying and trying to save some money before our big spring break trip around the South Island, which we leave for in 4 days! I still can't believe that half of my semester is over, when my friends at home haven't even started school. That is really bizarre to think about! I did manage to get myself up at 8 am Saturday morning to go on a lovely hike with our program director Kate. The group this time was much smaller (only 6 of us), given the sacrifice of a good Saturday sleep-in, but it was definitely worth it! We took a ferry out to Rangitoto, which is the largest and youngest (most recent) volcano in Auckland. It was a very pleasant and easy walk, and we made it to the top in only an hour, rewarded with some of Kate's homemade chocolate "biscuits" (come on, let's be real. They're cookies.). There was a great view of the city across the water, with a rainbow to top it off. (On a side note, I saw 2 rainbows on Sunday, and they were mirrored--one was ROYGBIV and the other was VIBGYOR. I wonder why?) On the way back we walked through a lava cave, though it wasn't quite as spectacular as the Manjanggul lava tunnel in Jeju Island (Korea).

The plants on the hike absolutely fascinated me! There were so many cool trees, ferns, and green plants. Kate told us about the kidney fern, a tiny plant that curls up when it's sunny out to preserve its moisture, and opens (like a lily pad) when it rains to get as much water as possible.

Anyway, it was a pretty lazy day after the hike, and I spent the rest of it watching How I Met Your Mother. On Sunday, I convinced some friends to go to Sal's NY Pizza,  a place that serves you all-you-can-eat pizza for $9 from 12 - 2 pm. I ate 4 slices and got to bring 2 home. It was definitely nice to eat some good ol' thin crust greasy pizza, and Sunday was definitely not my last time there. Then I started studying for my Pacific Arts test--I had it this afternoon and aced the differences between tivaevae tataura and kapa'apana. To cap the night off, we had our first attempt at baking ANZAC biscuits (recipe)--oatmeal coconut cookies that were supposedly sent to soldiers in the Australia & New Zealand Army Corps by their wives. Delish.

So I'll be gone for 2 weeks for spring break beginning Friday, so I will be pretty out of touch during then, unless I find a computer at a hostel!

Cheers for now!

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