South Island pt. 1!

Quick blog update while using free internet at the library!

We flew into Christchurch on Friday, walked around  High St., the Arts Centre, and the botanical gardens, and then had a nice dinner at Dux de Lux. The next day we got on the Stray bus (a tour bus company that takes us from place to place), and began our journey to Kaikoura (which means "meals of crayfish" in Maori I believe). There were some great coastal views (LOTR much?) and an amazing view of the Southern Alps. It was probably one of the prettiest views I have seen in my life.

The next morning, after a quick walk on the beach, we departed to the next stop of Picton, and on the way we saw a seal colony and quite a few baby seals playing in a pool under a waterfall. (I managed to pet one but then I scared it off...) Yesterday I went on a slightly rainy hike to Bob's Bay, where I picked up a starfish (with 12 leg thingies)! This morning I went on a bike ride (my butt was splattered with a ton of mud, very fashionable) on the other side of the bay. It's been really nice so far and all of the hostels are warm and welcoming.

I wish I could upload pics, they will come later probably. Hope everyone is well!

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