Team Natural Woman

a.k.a. stone cold fox. This is the name our group of 7 girls have chosen to go by, due to the drop in personal hygiene levels these past couple weeks. We have been traveling from backpacker (hostel) to backpacker every night. The most we have stayed at one place is 2 nights.

These past few days have been really great, and our trip is half done. Two days ago, we went to Abel Tasman National Park (known for its great "bushwalks" or hikes and wonderful scenery). Since we only had a day, we took a sailing trip across the bay, took a short 40 minute walk, and had lunch on a beach. It was even warm enough to get in the water! (Though only my friend Katie and I had the guts!). The next day we went to Barrytown, also known as "Baz Vegas." Probably the smallest "town" ever. The whole town was like 1 block long. Basically, we had a good burger, and then dressed up in the ridiculous costumes provided by the hostel for a very quiet night in the pub. The next morning, we went to an artist's house, where we carved our own necklaces out of (cow) bone. I was a little nauseated by the beefy cow smell, but it was uber cool. We picked a design and used the machines, and sanded a lot. But that was pretty much all Baz Vegas had to offer us.

We are currently in Franz Josef, and we just came back from our hike on the glacier (they say this so funny, I wish I could convey it via blog post. It's kind of like "gless-ee-er". I laugh at them when they speak and I doubt they know why!). Anyway, the glacier hike was awesome. We geared up in full body gear, with crampons and boots and ice picks. I definitely accidentally rammed my leg into the end of the ice pick and have a nice little blood blister from the poke. We went through so many narrow crevices, hiked up the ice, and climbed through ice tunnels. Definitely an experience to remember and one that my father would be proud of!

Anyway, I'm out of internet time, but I'll put some pics up later. Next stop is Makarora, and then Queenstown for a couple nights, so I will update you then.


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