Pop, lock, and drop it.

It's been a bit difficult adjusting to academic life again after my two week vacation. Because I was busy catching up with schoolwork, my week was pretty mediocre, though I did do well on my finance test on Tuesday and managed to befriend a New Zealander in my hip-hop dance class on Thursday! We also had a lovely home-cooked dinner with Kate (our Arcadia program director), who also taught us how to make the world's best pavlova in her beautiful home outside the city.

On Friday, I took a leisurely day, rewarding myself for such a productive week. I went shopping on Queens Street, the main street in downtown Auckland, for the first time (yes, hard to believe, but it was the first time). I came home to my lovely residence hall, where my friend Meg and I made ANZAC cookies and had afternoon mimosas. I felt very classy and grown-up!

Saturday flew by quickly without anything exciting, but Sunday was a great day! At City Dance, Auckland's main dance center, it was an open day, which meant you could take any class for $2 (normally $13) or buy an unlimited day pass for $10. I bought the day pass and went to 6 hours of classes, including hip hop, street funk, locking, break dancing, and stretching. I even tried popping (video), which was quite difficult! It's all about tensing and relaxing your muscles, and if you watch the video, you can imagine how ridiculous I must have looked as a beginner to this style of dance! I realized how much I missed dancing, and it was a tiring but great way to spend my day.

Not much happened this past week, but I guess I needed some good down time after my adrenaline-packed semester break. This weekend may turn out to be more eventful, hopefully I will have more to share!

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