Out to save the world

The week went by somewhat slowly, but I was fortunate enough to watch the new Glee season premiere, only a few hours after it aired in the States. By the time Friday (TGIF!) came around, I was ready for an awesome weekend, and I wasn't disappointed! Saturday, 10 of us decided to go to Piha, a popular surf spot on the west coast of the North Island. We got off to a rough start, with a delayed departure, rental car struggles, and some direction issues. Originally, half of us were going to hike from Bethell's Beach to Piha, but we couldn't find the beginning of the trail. So we went straight to Piha, where we spent the day playing on the beach and exploring a really cool cove. There was a place where the rough ocean waves hit against coastal cliffs, making some awesome splashes and getting many of us wet! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was, but hopefully these pictures do it some justice!

We rushed home from Piha so that we could be back in time for the Auckland Uni Student Association's Club's Ball, an event similar to a high school formal, with dinner and live music. It was a lot of fun, and we danced to some good songs (Livin' On A Prayer anyone?) for more than 4 hours!

On Sunday, I woke up early with my friend Melissa to catch the 9 AM ferry to Motuihe Island. (We barely made it because I forgot about Daylight Savings and woke up an hour late!) Despite the early start, the clear blue skies got me going--it was the best weather we've had all month!

Anyway, for our study abroad program, we are suggested to do a volunteer project, so Melissa and I chose to plant trees on Motuihe, an island part of a conservation program to restore the land to what it would have been like before European settlement. This means reintroducing native trees and birds to the island. Melissa and I decided that we were pretty much saving the world, because we were helping supply every animal species with more oxygen-producing trees. That's right, you can thank us for the air you breathe. Haha. Well anyway, around 40 planted saplings and several tractor rides later, your superheroes explored a nice little beach before heading back to Auckland. (Unfortunately no camera, so limited photos from Melissa's iPhone!)

That's all for now. Gotta put in some good studying hours!

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