Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow...

[...turn this stupid fat rat yellow!] Greetings! I know it's been awhile since my last post, but I have been super busy, with 2 papers due last week and not too much exciting.

The weather has been unbelievably nice, and I've been reminded why I love second semester of school--spring! My theory is that people are simply more relaxed, hopeful, and full of excitement for life!

Last weekend, I didn't do anything outside of Auckland. On Friday, Phil (my flat mate) and I went to the Auckland Museum, where I saw some stuff I had studied in my Pacific Arts class, so that was very cool! On Saturday, I played cards and enjoyed the sunshine in Albert Park, the park right next to our campus. And, to finish the day off well, our "family" had a barbecue with  chicken, burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and pasta salad--all homemade!

To reward myself for writing my essays, on Tuesday I went to karaoke night at Father Ted's, an Irish pub downtown. I had been dying to go belt out some tunes (especially with the start of the new season of Glee). While we may have gotten cut off during Aretha Franklin's Respect, I think my rendition of Jackson 5's I Want You Back was not too shabby!

This past weekend was a lot of fun too. On Saturday, we decided to go play mini golf down near the water, walking through the cute town of Parnell on the way. I got a respectable 3rd place, and my friend Lizzie got a hole-in-one! Today, Sunday, a group of us went to Waiheke Island, covered in vineyards and lined with dreamy beaches. After a nice brunch in the town of Oneroa, we caught the bus to Onetangi Beach, where we snoozed, drank some wine, and played soccer with some dogs.

Only two more weeks of classes. Time really has flown by, it's a bit sad! I've planned out my trip to Australia after exams end: flying to Cairns (northeast point near the Great Barrier Reef--excellent diving), driving down to Brisbane, and flying to the States (after less than 24 hours in NZ) the day before Thanksgiving. I am fortunate to be allowed and able to have such a wonderful end to my time abroad. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Anyway, I wish my big brother Matthew a happy happy birthday! It's no longer his birthday but he is probably still celebrating it! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the autumn in the States as much as I am enjoying the spring here. Hurray!


[Update on Tuesday, 12 October 2010: I had an AMAZING Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. Favorite part was pumpkin pie of course. After, we all wrote down why we thought there was Canadian Thanksgiving and read them out loud (my idea!)...My favorite: "They needed a meal to celebrate being America's hat."]

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