bbq's and beaches

Hello! Quick blog post, then back to "studying." Got my ear pierced on Wednesday (!!) and had a fun barbecue at a Kiwi's house on Thursday....Classes ended Friday with a big music festival celebration in the student quad called End of Daze. Other than good friends, music, and weather, there wasn't anything too extraordinary!

(Actually, two male students did get completely naked on stage for free Ludacris concert tickets...)

With half my friends scuba diving in Fiji (jealous!) and others making last minute trips, I went to Raglan again for 2 days with two friends. Last time I went with my Arcadia program, and the weather wasn't so great, but this time it couldn't have been better. One of the boys, Jake, has been surfing for awhile now, so I actually got to see what real surfing was like (much like Rocket Power haha)! I just sat on the beach and got my tan on.... :)

In Raglan, we did meet this New Zealand couple from Auckland and had dinner with them Saturday night. It was really great meeting some new people and getting new perspectives!

Anyway, I depart for my farmstay in Albany (suburb of Auckland) tomorrow with Melissa. Manual labor, woohoo!

Only 2 1/2 weeks left.


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