Order a custom watercolor painting

Choosing to have a custom piece of art made is a wonderfully personal process. Whether the painting is for you or for a friend, the project creates a fun opportunity to celebrate special moments and people in our lives. I’m excited to see what we can create together!


The Commission Process

1. CONCEPT: I’ll review the project details you share on the right, and reach out via email to get photos for inspiration. I’ll also follow up with any questions to make sure we’re on the same page about your creative vision, timeline, and budget.

2. CREATE: Based on concepts we discussed, I'll create an initial sketch, which you can choose to see and approve before I start painting. Then I’ll start adding all the color and small personal details!

3. DELIVER: Once finished (usually ~2 weeks after the sketch), I’ll carefully wrap and package the painting, including any special notes if it’s a gift. As an avid environmentalist, I typically use recycled materials, but strive to make the packaging as beautiful as the painting itself.


Before we begin any sketches, we’ll confirm your budget. My custom paintings start at $50. The price of your commission is meant to cover my time (and nothing else), so your project may cost more as we add more complexity — such as detailed backgrounds, additional characters, or larger painting sizes. I’ll ask for payment via Venmo, Paypal, or check when I start painting.

Name *
What you would like to be printed on the top banner. Write "none" if you don't want a banner.
A little more background info so that I can understand and convey your inspiration!
Describe the people (and/or pets) you want me to paint. What are their names? What do they typically wear? Do they have special traits? Links to social media can also help me get to know the people I'm painting!
Should I write names underneath each person? *
If you feel comfortable, share a range of your ideal pricing!